It is with deep personal regret that I inform you of Ibne Kaleem Ahsan Nizami’s death, elder brother of Sweden based popular poet and president of Asian Urdu Society “Jamil Ahsan”.

He has lost his life on 12th March in Multan. He was one of the best calligrapher of Pakistan. His actual¬†name was Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal however, he was well known by the name “Ibne Kaleem Ahsan Nizami”. Likewise, his son Muhammad Mukhtar Ali is also one of the renowned calligrapher of Pakistan.

It is a great loss to the Urdu literature, each and every scholars, writers and poets are in grieves for the loss of a tremendous individual.

I on behalf of PICS, present our sincere condolences to his family, his friends and specially to Mr. Jamill Ahsan for the loss of his beloved brother.

May Allah rest his soul in peace & grant him Jaanah, enable his family to bear the loss with courage,.. AMEEN!

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