I am sharing an exciting news as Shakil Khan Shakko’s first ever poetry collection “Jhooti Tehreer” is out here in Stockholm Järfälla Kommun library which was started its journey in Karachi since 2014. Shakil Khan is one of the Urdu poet residing in Sweden who is actually native of Pakistan. He recently published his poetries collection like Migration (Hijrat), Love for the motherland (Mulk sat Muhabbat), Pain of Kashmir (Kashmir ka dard), Mother’s affection (Maa ki mamta) and many more poetries in “Jhooti Tehreer” for the lovers of Urdu literature. It is now available in the Järfälla Kommun library, Stockholm. All the Pakistanies and those who enjoy reading Urdu can get this book from the Järfälla Kommun library and those who have the membership of Järfälla Kommun library they can take this book to your place. Shakil khan is one of the selected Urdu poet whose book has been chosen to be in the Järfälla Kommun library of Stockholm, Sweden.

یہ خبر اردو میں پڑھنے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

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