Why do non-Muslims terrified to Muslims though Muslims have no dread against them.

Konstfack University and Botkyrka commune were holding a ceremony to stamp the genuine excellence of Islam in the western world in which students of Konstfack University took part. Towards the start of the ceremony, the visitors was taken to the Fittja Mosque and attempt to educate visitors and students by giving answers to every single question which usually emerges these days against Muslim community. Max Dalstrand additionally shared his lovely experience, how he converted to Islam.

The event was appropriately held in Botkyrka Konsthall and exhibit the artistic work of Pakistani artists Shazia Farrukh and Khusro Sabzwari. The main personality of the ceremony, Saima Usman imparted her contemplations to the visitor. She said I always remain in the perplexity that why do nonmuslims scared with Muslims and on the other hand Muslims have no fear with non-Muslims. This is what makes me stand here in front of you all to educate regarding the actual picture of our Islam which is absolutely inverse of how currently Muslims are viewed. She added, sometimes I literally have questions with myself that do we really have freedom like flying birds does not have any borders, they can fly wherever they like similarly every single human has their right to move from one place to another to spend better and luxury life.

Artist Shazia Farrukh whose artwork was in the ceremony shared her thoughts that all of his today’s artwork is focussing women and Islam within the line of Quran and Sunnah. All of my work reflects my inner thoughts as an artist have the ability to reflect all of his experience and thoughts on his artistic picture, whatever the difficulties and hurdles one has to confront from moving one place to another all of that feeling can be portrayed in a picture by an artist. Our main aim is to educate western world regarding the positive and beautiful image of Islam. It is our duty as a Muslim to educate about the peaceful religion Islam through these artistic pictures. Also, presented the artistic pictures of Khusro Sabzwari in the ceremony which was particularly brought from Pakistan only for the event and shown interest by the guest undoubtedly. Furthermore, Johannes Anyuru, Frederic Brusi, Fazeela Sellberg Zaib also expressed their thoughts regarding the issue. At last, visitors was entertained by the lovely and tasty food, the ceremony or exhibition will continue till 21st June.

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