Childhood memories always play a key role in the life of human. At that time, they are eager to know about their home, family, relatives, surroundings, schools, rivers, fields and all the subjects they deal with. This is the stage of life in which the various types of questions comes in the children’s soft mind. Whenever they faces such a things in front of them with which they are ignorant, they are always eager to know about it. This is the reason that children at that age keep going with questions all the time. They wants the solution immediately that comes in their mind. Anything you will talk to anybody in front of them, they will definitely ask. Keeping their excitement in the mind while preparing Reading-writing material, our special emphasis is on whether it will be able to satisfy the excitement of the children. Can this material provide the solution of the thoughts coming in their mind? And so on.  Apart from this, even in the family, when they listen something that they do not know, then they do not forget to ask questions. This is where the development journey of their life begins. In this time period If they found correct answers of their questions, then the process of learning is also seeded up and the foundation is also being keep prepared, on that basis knowledge becomes easy for them to earn. As they grows up, they gets improvement in their personality by listening to the school, college’s textbooks and their teachers. This is what helps them to stand on their feet in family and society. Therefore, at this time, in front of them elders as well as parents should talk in such a way so that children can learn with this and their interest should increase in learning which is absolutely necessary for them.

Arif Kasana sahab is either distraught by these childhood memories and eagerness or he is constantly thinking about this subject. That is why when he wrote stories book for the children, he took his mentality to the same level as the children and decorated all stories with the small things, questions, Vocabulary and the interpretation of that level. It also included the essence of the subject and it’s soul. The things that emerged like this became interesting for the children and also the means of earning knowledge. This method also increases the ability of children to learn, and also increases crave to know more. Since Arif kasana Sahib chose this topic to teach the children and this is compulsory for them to know so that with growing up their curiosity increases and they discover themselves in this regard and increase their knowledge and move on to it. That is the purpose of this book. In my opinion it is very commendable and he should be praised for this effort. I think this small book and stories included in it will help children to know their religion and it’s characteristic. It is hoped that the effort of Arif Sahib will increase the literature of the children.

Professor Dr. Khwaja Ekramuddin
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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