PC S S (Pakistan information & cultural society of Sweden)

When hurricane footage floods the airwaves it’s always intense, the lashing winds and flying waves, torrents of rain and water taking over the streets. But this always makes me wonder.  Pieces of houses and big trees are tossed around like toys during extreme weather, but palm trees seem able to stand their ground. Given their choice of location they are obviously well suited to stand up to big angry storms, but how?

Similarly What makes PICSS strong ? I believe both PICS and Palm tree has three feature in common  that help them survive the punishing conditions of hurricane and cyclones, and even tsunamis.

Rambling roots
Most palm trees have a large number of short roots spread across the upper levels of the soil, which work to secure a large amount of soil around the root ball. As long as the soil is relatively dry to start off with, this works to create a super large, heavy anchor.
These rambling roots resembles our members and followers spread across the world who thrive to promote a positive image of our country without any personal benefits. 

A wiry trunk
The stem of a palm tree is made of many small bundles of woody material, which likens to the bundles of wires inside a telephone cable.
The cylinder approach provides great strength to support weight which allows the palm stem to bend over through 40 or 50 degrees without snapping.
These wiry trunks resembles our Organizational plan which connects all the board of directors and members with each other resulting in a comprehensive strength.

Very clever leaves
Palm tree have huge leaves with a central, flexible spine – like enormous feathers . In nice weather the fronds spread out and make a fine canopy, but in instances of strong wind and water they fold up. This is similar to our Organization policy, everyone acts according to the policy with support of president to everyone.
In PICS “we are all for one and one for all” each and everyone of you is important and we appreciate, but accountability is the root to success and we are all accountable.

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