Election game in the country, after a while, came back.
They are back again, Robbing the innocent people

As usual, with its old customs, came back.

Not knowing what all damage they cause
At each session, the festivals of their parties came back.

Like yesterday, and before, and beyond prevail.
The same cunning methods came back.

To win the votes they go to any extent
The same violations and excesses came back.

The same repeated promises came back.

The same professional players With hypocrisy and lack of modesty.
By buying receivables and marketing illusions came back ..

As if time in creation no longer exist.
They create fights based on casts and religion
With the same old faces coming back ..

The same experienced brokers came back ..

Forget what has passed, and evaporate hopes and promises.
With the same deceit and fraud coming back ..

As if the memory of people was damaged and inertia.
I can no longer understand what happened, and what may come back ..

Ruthfully they play this dirty game Which is called Politics
Will the innocence of the nation get its right back?

Oh Quaid Come back…

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