P.akistan I.nformation C.ulture S.ociety, N.G.O – thrives to promotes different features of Pakistan in Sweden, specially when it comes to Culture, Art , Travel, Language , Entertainment e.t.c.

That is why PICS promotes Pakistani Movies which are also an Universal Art Form, PICS exhibits this platform where you get to see Pakistani art, culture, tradition and much more. While sitting in the cinema we are able to travel virtually to different Pakistani places where we cannot imagine, to be, which gives us insights about our people activities and a better understanding of Pakistan.

It is not a hidden fact that movies generate a lot of employment and revenue to the treasury, not only through the films but even through its peripheral forms like merchandising, tourism, film training etc. The film industry supports a vast array of professionals like – designers, dressmakers, photographers, storywriter, technicians and others. Poets and authors have also benefited from this medium as their works have been adapted to movies.

I appreciate that PICS is the only platform striving to promote Pakistani cinema in Sweden while taking care of the entertainment and making sure that the communities mind is at ease.

Let us all support the Cause and create the awareness of “Made in Pakistan”

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