PICS Pakistan Information and Cultural Society’s annual meeting 2019 took place at Tensta municipality on 17th of March. All the team members and class 1 members including their families were invited to the gathering. The gathering begins with the delicious food which gives the members a chance to mingle before inaugurating the formal and serious discussion.

Shahzad Ansari, the President of PICS started the presentation. After that, all members introduce themselves. There were many points under discussion in the meeting. It started from PICS previous achievements and tasks and very smoothly carried to the recent Salam Pakistan Volume 3 event discussion, evaluation, positive points and weaknesses. Ashar Mohammad, Finance and Marketing Manager, talked about the financial status of the society. Prospective future errands for the whole year are highlighted and were discussed in detail how to implement them. Audience kept on giving valuable input and suggestions throughout the whole meeting.


In the end, certificates and shields were distributed to all members who actively took part in PICS mission, which is to promote the positive face of Pakistan to the world. For this, many projects are already going which include


In addition to those aforementioned projects, various projects are pipe lined and already under consideration.

If you wish to be a part of the team and wanted to play a role in portraying a Better Pakistan, please join hands with PICS. For more details visit

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