A unique Pakistani and Indian songs mashup video was filmed in Sweden and features talented Mehsam Saeed and Aishwarya.

Umair Hamid, a Pakistani living in Jonkoping, Sweden recently released a video on his youtube channel. The video features a mashup of Indian and Pakistani songs recorded on one beat.

Mehsam Saeed, a young Pakistani singer has beautifully sung Pakistani songs in collaboration with melodious Aishwarya presenting Indian part. Ahsan Saleem has also done a great job composing the music for this hit duet.

Umair told PICS that the intention behind this project is to promote love and peace among two countries. He further added, “Even though we live in Sweden, we are deeply saddened by the conflicting situation between the countries and wish for effective and well-handled resolution for this crisis.”

Projects like this demonstrate how overseas Pakistanis and Indians want nothing but love, peace, and prosperity for both countries and are willing to stand up for each other.


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