The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH is one of the world famous Engineering University of Sweden. Students of this university have put their mark globally in the field of science and technology, which incorporates Pakistani students as well. Mohammad Afzal Farooqi, is also one of the them, who holds a PhD degree from this University. He has been prevailing with regards to making another sort of fuel cells rather than the conventional cell utilized in the energy sector, which are also beneficial to the environment. As per his research, it also perform at low temperature efficiently, and it will help to reduce energy problems and environmental pollution.

These fuel cells contain flow of energy, mutual interaction in use and a better trend in utility. As per the specialists, this research can be utilized in everyday use common vehicles and other machines. And it will resolve many technical issues. This way of invention is being used in various universities and research organizations in the world. And finding more from it.
Dr. Mohammad Afzal Farooqui is in contact with one of the UK based University for post-doctorate for further research. Swedish based Pakistanis are congratulating Afzal Farooqui for his doctorate degree, hoping that their research will be beneficial for Pakistan and it will help in solving the country’s energy problems. Afzal Farooqui is well-known personality within Pakistani community in Sweden, not only for his educational and research engagement as well as due to his social, religious and cultural activities.

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