(PR) The very first Pakistani Tech Community Meetup was organized in Kista, Stockholm. An enlightening and informative session on Blockchain technology was delivered by Dr. Abdul Haseeb (Microsoft). He explained about the usage of this technology in various business sectors and how this can bring more business integrity and growth in the digital industrial revolution. Participants showed great interest in this learning. We are highly grateful to Dr. Abdul Haseeb for his time and efforts to share knowledge. PSBC also acknowledges our entrepreneurs Mr. Mehmood Ziaduddin (Digital Dividend) and Mr. Syed Naseh (Diya Interactive) for sharing inspiring stories of their journeys. Mr. Mehmood wanted to create more jobs in Pakistan by using his expertise and connected more business. He mentioned to strive for your dreams and ask help if needed. Mr. Naseh said the place he is standing today in his career it is only due to the help and support of his friends and colleagues. This was the first tech meetup for our community and we are planning a few more before our major event of the year Nordic Pakistan IT Summit in November 2019.

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