Sabak Amoz Kahaniya 2 book review

‎سبق آموز کہانیاں 2 written by Dr. Arif Kisana, is my first Urdu book which i read in one go on a Saturday.

It took me almost three hours, but reading it was such a wonderful experience on top of mountain by a river side.
I felt like that i went on a journey in Wonderland while holding writers little finger as he narrated the story one by one by building multiple characters and stories within stories, at the same time question he raised created multiple inceptions of thought provoking ideologies.

‎سبق آموز کہانیاں 2 has almost 21 magical stories which reveals the Islamic essence of life, love and Morality. Due to the simplicity of the prose style, literature, vividness of imagination this simple yet insightful stories are one of the best books which i have read.

The stories touches many of the Important questions which children wonders in todays generations. Secondly, every story is very precise and easy to read/understand- perfect to read and wonder before a good night sleep.

Thirdly, one thing which i loved the most about the stories was that the narrator starts each story with proper characters and dramatic situations to get readers attention, and while readers are curiously reading about the cast they get doses of multiple useful thought provoking stories.

Some chronicles has multiple stories within them like the one is whats good for you to eat, the writer start talking about historic Spain.

Once again topics in this book are mind blowing, Questions which you have never thought of. I bet your kid will love the stories and will definitely make them ponder, As it made mine.

I will conclude my review by quoting the writer,
“You must have a healthy body to have a healthy mind”

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