Prayer is called about Kashmir issue by The Swedish Institute of Islamic Science
It has been several days of Indian repression in occupied Kashmir now. Kashmiris are bound to stay at homes. With a continuous curfew of more than one month, life has become a punishment, food items are gone and medicines are short. Muslims and compassionate people from all over the world are untied to express solidarity with Kashmiris. Unfortunately, protests around the world still don’t have any impact on the oppressor, and the persecution still continues.
The Swedish Institute of Islamic Science invited Swedish intellectuals to highlight the root causes of Kashmir dispute in Stockholm, to unite with their dear Kashmiri brothers and sisters. Regular commencement of the ceremony was started by Mr. Abu Bakar Butt with recitation of the Holy Quran. According to the Swedish Institute of Islamic Science, Dr. Baila Samreen said that prayer is a great tool of the believer. When a man is surrounded by his enemies facing the oppression of the oppressor and troubles are pervading all around, at that point a weapon is needed so that it can be used against the enemy, and the weapon that works best in this sensitive situation is prayer.
Dr. Arif Kisana delivered a comprehensive speech in which he explained the Indian agenda and background of Kashmir issue. He discussed about the strategies to highlight this issue in front of the world. Dr. Arif Kisanas’ speech should be listened by Kashmiris, including both Pakistan and India to get knowledge about the real facts before making a noise.
Councilor Mr. Barkat Hussain Sahib said that in the demonstrations in Kashmir, it is very important that your purpose is clear, so that your message can clearly reach to the people responsible to prevail peace.
Dr. Alia Amir is a psychologist and belongs to Kashmir. She said that the curfew and the lockdown has become a place of confinement for the entire valley due to the occupying forces. What is most unacceptable is that Kashmiris are deprived of basic resources like food items, pharmacies, internet, telephone, media, and Kashmiris have no contact with the outside world. She emphasizes that it is a high time and need of an hour to be mobilized to restore their rights.
The ceremony was also addressed by the President of the Swedish Rohingya Association, Abul Kalam, Shafqat Khatana Advocate and Zafar Chaudhry. Finally, a collective prayer was called in which Dr. Arif Kisana begged for all Muslims and oppressed people all over the world including Kashmir.

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