She is only five years old –and her Instagram account has more then 90 thousand followers, the girl collaborates with famous brands of children’s clothing, I can easily call her “the most beautiful girl in the world”.

Miah Dhanani has become an icon in the fashion world even though she is only 5 years old.
She has taken the modeling world by storm in a very brief period of time.

Miah had been highlighted in more than 40 magazines and has modeled for more than 50 shops and commercials. Among the brands she has supported are MARIA.B and Saiqa Majeed. Both are high-end Pakistani clothing brands. Whereas MARIA.B is headquartered in Lahore, Saiqa Majeed is London-based brand. Miah has moreover strolled on the ramp of New York Fashion Week for the Children’s brain tumor establishment.

Her level of certainty is fair astonishing in each photo shoot.


Charming little Miah has been approached for TV commercials and roles in motion pictures from India and Pakistan.

But she is dismissing them all and holding up to work with Salman Khan.


Miah may be an insane Salman Khan fan and needs to work with him one day.


Her ubiquity can be measured by the truth that she has a doll named after her.

She is the second Asian child to accomplish acclaim of this degree after Taimur Ali Khan, the child of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

We have numerous children who show up in promotions, only a few can gloat of the respect of having toys named or modeled after them. It is maybe less demanding for the children of celebrities, not so for children of non-celebrities. Hence when such a child makes a check for his or her, it is undoubtedly a moment to be exceptionally glad of.

Miah Dhanani is one such kid.

She is as of now one of the foremost sought-after faces in United States as well as the Pakistani community within the country. The little girl is a viral sensation in Pakistan and is the face of numerous of the country’s best brands.

Now adding to Miah’s growing fame comes a special tribute – a doll that is modeled on her!


Miah Dhanani pronounced as Mini Hania Amir!

Miah Dhanani is current conversation of the town. She is rich in beauty and has done various photoshoots for design brands as model. Individuals are saying that she resembled with Hania Amir in her stances.

Numerous individuals are saying this Cutest Viral sensation Miah Dhanani is Mini Hania Amir. This little lovable model gotten attention of everybody on web with her charming styles and photo-shoot.

Get ready to match the gorgeous look of Miah Dhanani in the romantic song Chandi Jaisa Rang

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