Pakistani nation is full of multi-talented youngsters who have the ambition  to make Pakistan great. Women role in Pakistani society is also very important. Like all other societies, courageous Pakistani women are also playing their role in all the sectors of society. They are promoting name of Pakistan internationally too. Today we are introducing you with a business and social personality Huma Sharif who is based in Norway.

Pakistan origin Huma Sharif is a cosmetologist. She has her own cosmetics brand. Huma donate 25% of her sales income to a welfare society – Edhi Foundation in Pakistan. Huma is a professional photographer too. So, we can say that Huma is a creative and a soft-hearted person to humanity.

We met her a few days back in a meetup in Stockholm. During our conversation with her we found that she has inherited her creative and artistic skills from her father, who was a best calligraphy. Urdu Qasid was got fond of her after watching her YouTube video where she reflected 100 years of Pakistani fashion. The video is not only based on 100 years of Pakistan but it is also based upon our traditional, cultural and fashion values within a span of hundred years of time. In the video, 3 decades are depicting fashion trends before the creation of Pakistan and the remaining 8 decades are about fashion trends after Pakistan came into being.

In the special conversation with Urdu Qasid, Huma Sharif said that women are making progress in their own sectors and this is the proof if they are provided good opportunities, they can make great examples of innovations and successes.

In this rapidly growing world, we should change our old mind-sets where some fields are not considered suitable for women. Just like a bird cannot fly with one wing not any society can grow by neglecting their women. Because women are the second wing of the bird of society!

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