Such a motivation to read about and inspiration to share, especially in the time of crisis, where most of the restaurants are either worried, delaying their inaugurations or closing down their Businesses. But ignoring all the barriers, Aaima kitchen emerges like a Lotus Flower in Falun, Sweden, with interesting strategies and mission to spread their love of food with real authentic taste of Pakistan, which is rare to find in Sweden.

They first started from a Home base kitchen, and then took the next step as a restaurant as they believed real authentic taste was missing in the Market of Falun, a small city of Sweden.

Pandemic didn’t discouraged the Pakistani couple Aaima Zain and her husband Muhammad Zain, instead it motivated them to go out their and create opportunity instead of isolation and fear of fall back. Apart from their love of food, they are playing their part of integeration and promoting the real taste of Pakistani food in Sweden.

Their Dream are as high as the taste of there food according to the reviews from their loyal customers.

Another most interesting thing is that they are eager to learn with time and develop new strategies to meet challenges both in market and growing digital on social media.

We wish them all the best, and thank them for being inspiration and role model of Positivity – Do try Authentic food of Aaima Kitchen.

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