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There are many common traits that successful entrepreneurs all share. We are in the middle of recording interviews, and we just have to share some of these things that we are discovering. We have been interviewing high-level-success entrepreneurs. These are people who broke out of the so-called rat race and decided to do something, take the leap of faith and pursue their dreams and passions.

The people we have been interviewing really are just common folks like you and us. They started with a paper route, a nine-to-five job, or working at a convenience store, and then decided to break out and go on their own. They are not mega millionairess or billionaires, like in some of the books you may have read; these are average people who have discovered a way to make ends meet and even make profit while doing what they love.

As we are conducting these interviews and gathering stories, we discovered there are a lot of common traits that these entrepreneurs all have, and we want to share some of them with you. #BusinessCafe #BusinessinSweden

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