Crypto Warnings By Waqar Zaka

Crypto Warning by Waqar Zaka

The Internet is the most widely used communication network ever built. It is used by millions of people and machines every second every day. Good and bad things happen on the internet, and among the bad things are attempting to deceive innocent people out of their money or identities. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital […]

Making of FullMoon Song

Ashar produces fire, MSA stamps it! Two friends, bonded in a mutual interest to work as a Volunteer in a Sweden registered, Pakistani organization. Ashar is a professional Writer and health coach, he has written two books on the same subject. MSA is a C.E.O of social media marketing house and has its respective professional […]

Alla grodor behöver vänner | Saga | Ashar Khan

Det var en gång ett grodyngel som heter Ashar. Ashar bodde i en damm full av alla slags fiskar, som basar och öringar. De simmade runt dammen med fenor och svansar. Ashar hade inga fenor, men han hade en svans som hjälpte honom att simma runt precis som de andra fiskarna. Ashar ville få några […]