Mashup video featuring Mehsam Saeed and Aishwarya is now released!

A unique Pakistani and Indian songs mashup video was filmed in Sweden and features talented Mehsam Saeed and Aishwarya. Umair Hamid, a Pakistani living in Jonkoping, Sweden recently released a video on his youtube channel. The video features a mashup of Indian and Pakistani songs recorded on one beat. Mehsam Saeed, a young Pakistani singer […]

Proffessor Dr. Khwaja Ekramuddin reviews Arif Kisana’s book

Childhood memories always play a key role in the life of human. At that time, they are eager to know about their home, family, relatives, surroundings, schools, rivers, fields and all the subjects they deal with. This is the stage of life in which the various types of questions comes in the children’s soft mind. […]

Major problems of Agricultural sector of Pakistan

Agricultural sector is the backbone of our economy. But the growth of agriculture in Pakistan is facing a lot of problems. Due to various causes, per acre yield is very low in Pakistan as compare to other developed countries. Problems of agricultural sector are categorized as below: 1)      Limited Cultivable Area The total area of […]

The brain detects disease in others even before it breaks out

By Arif Kisana STOCKHOLM: The human brain is much better than previously thought at discovering and avoiding disease, a new study led by researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden reports. Our sense of vision and smell alone are enough to make us aware that someone has a disease even before it breaks out. And not […]

Välgörenhet – mer än bara att skänka pengar

Att vilja ge något tillbaka till omvärlden har blivit allt mer vanligt för framgångsrika företag. Ökad transparens och en välinformerad kundbas ställer ökade krav på företag att bedriva sin verksamhet på ett etiskt och ansvarsfullt sätt. Detta brukar kallas för Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). CSR består av mer än bara att donera delar av företagets vinst […]

A Collection of Delightful Stories for Children

Ever since the Universe was created man has been interested in telling and listening to tales. Even Allah has narrated stories in His scriptures about various prophets with a view to guiding humanity to the right path. Keeping this view in mind Mr. Arif Kisana has also written some stories for children so that their […]

An effort of a remarkable person

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] An effort of a remarkable person reduces the poverty and illiteracy of our motherland, Pakistan, is now spread to all over the country. More than 17 lakh people of our nation are beneficial and living a happy respectable life. Not only appreciation for its barren money but top-notch universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard are […]

The Great Trango Towers

There comes a time in our life when we need to recharge, refuel and reduce our stress levels. A vehicle, when used for some time, needs to be serviced; an appliance after regular usage needs reconditioning, and similarly our body and mind require nurturing and relaxation after following a monotonous routine life. Different people have […]