In the present digital world, its simple to get popularity through social media. We normally explore and browse lots and lots videos and picture which end up as a viral sensatation on that period however we don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct and genuine data of that particular viral stories. As in Europe […]

Pakistan Independence Day Celebration in Estonia 2018

Pakistani community has been dramatically growing since last couple of years in different cities of Estonia. People live peacefully here and serving in Estonia with their acquired skill. Every year the day 14th of August, discovers the love and tenderness people have for this great land. It is good to see if more Pakistani cultural and traditional event are being organized in Estonia in coming years.

PICS Annual report 2017

Here comes the long awaited PICS Annual report 2017, Audited by ZAQ Accountings. In this annual report you can see a summary of PICS’s accounts for the fiscal year. Every year, PICS leaves an annual report to the Tax Office as it is a registered organization. Here you can also read what we have done […]

Vem vet i vilket ögonblick livet tar slut

Kom så gör vi något, försök och kom till någons nytta Visa vägen till det rätta, ge barnet en skolväska Visa någon en vägledning, gör så att någon får husets nytta Ibland behövs det tankebana, Ibland behöver man göra nytta Kom så gör vi något, försök och kom till någons nytta   Gudomliga maten får […]

ZAQ Accounting AB är nu officiell partner till PICS

ZAQ Accounting AB är nu officiell partner till PICS (Pakistan Information & Cultural Society). ZAQ Accounting AB är en redovisningsbyrå, där medarbetare präglas av ett personligt engagemang och en tidsenlig inställning. De erbjuder mindre ägarledda bolag, ideella föreningar och unga företagare och ett stort urval av kvalitativa tjänster inom ekonomi och juridik. Bland annat hjälper de dig att komma […]

Sveriges Kashmir Kommité Val 2018

Kashmirutskottet har genomfört alla arrangemang för valet i Sverige och kandidaterna är engagerade i sina kampanjer för att så många röster som möjligt. Denna kampanj har trätt in i sista fasen och den nya presidenten kommer att väljas den 18 mars för de kommande närmaste två åren Valberedningens kommissionsledamot Arif Mahmood Kisana, berättade för utskottet […]

Pakistan stands the tycoon in spicy and peppery dishes

Being in Pakistan grants us the opportunity to taste the blend of different cultural food items that involve part of Mughal and South Asian traditional essence. Although Pakistan is a newly developed country but it has absorbed several elements from its neighbors. The secret of the uniqueness of Pakistani food is associated with its cultural, […]

Salam Pakistan Culture Day Stockholm

Arif Kisana: Stockholm: Two years back, Pakistan Information and cultural society was founded in the name of PICS for promoting Pakistan’s Culture, Trade and Urdu literature in Sweden. This organization is presently turned into the organization of all the group of Pakistanis resides in Sweden. There are numerous other Pakistani organizations and associations right now […]

A platform for new music talent

But, things have been changed now, the role of distributors has changed dramatically, internet has brought in the way people consume music. People spend more time online, and less money on physical music. There are some underground artists all over, who did not get a chance to release their track due to many reasons – […]

Dr Afzal Javed has been elected President of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA)

By Arif Mahmud Kisana Dr Afzal Javed has been elected President of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA). This is the first time a Pakistani psychiatrist has ever been elected to this highest position. WPA represents more than 250000 psychiatrists from 138 countries. Dr Afzal Javed is Consultant Psychiatrist at Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust at […]