Crypto Warnings By Waqar Zaka

Crypto Warning by Waqar Zaka

The Internet is the most widely used communication network ever built. It is used by millions of people and machines every second every day. Good and bad things happen on the internet, and among the bad things are attempting to deceive innocent people out of their money or identities. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital […]

Alla grodor behöver vänner | Saga | Ashar Khan

Det var en gång ett grodyngel som heter Ashar. Ashar bodde i en damm full av alla slags fiskar, som basar och öringar. De simmade runt dammen med fenor och svansar. Ashar hade inga fenor, men han hade en svans som hjälpte honom att simma runt precis som de andra fiskarna. Ashar ville få några […]

The reality of Valentine’s Day

⭐️ Valentine’s Day, or St Valentine’s Day, is celebrated every year on 14 February. It’s the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, flowers, or chocolates with messages of love. ⭐️ Though Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is officially banned, and the Islamist orthodoxy has taken steps to obstruct […]

How Media Influence Our Personal Development

Media makes our everyday lives easier in many situations and offers various advantages. Despite everything, the disadvantages should not be neglected or viewed as harmless, as they can negatively affect our personality development, our psychological and physical health. A short break in the fresh air, a few sports units a month, and meeting friends in real life create the perfect balance.

Healthy Ramadan – 30 days meal plan

Healthy Ramadan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The best time to do a weight-training workout is NOT while fasting. This can create way too much muscle breakdown and cause a significant rise in the catabolic hormone cortisol. Training while in a state of dehydration can decrease strength significantly. The best time to weight train during Ramadan is after or before Taraweeh prayers. It […]

Once famous for Ghost tours – Gamla stan becomes a Ghost town

There is great concern among the traders in the Gamla Stan of Stockholm.  The reason for the concern is that the ongoing corona pandemic has scared away both Swedish visitors and tourists from the shops. Several shop owners in the Old Town describes the situation as serious. In order to alert politicians to the serious […]

The pursuit of the good life

The paradigm shifts are never smooth and never easy to go through. For those who live in the midst of such an upheaval, losses are often great on different levels. Then it is important to see the bigger picture of what it means to be a human in the world salt and try to find the feeling of curiosity and adventure desire as a positive impetus for coping with this stressful and yet so evolving and dynamic time.