Crypto Warnings By Waqar Zaka

Crypto Warning by Waqar Zaka

The Internet is the most widely used communication network ever built. It is used by millions of people and machines every second every day. Good and bad things happen on the internet, and among the bad things are attempting to deceive innocent people out of their money or identities. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital […]

Konferans om Kashmir konflikten

Hela världen sörger händelsen i Kashmir, det mest oacceptabla i det hela är att invånarna inte alls har någon kontakt med omvärlden pga stängda internet, telefon, media, sjukvård, apotek och livsmedelbutiker mm, det dagliga livet fungerar inte i Jammu Kashmir, är detta inte mot mänskliga rättigheter.?

Social Division: Tik Tok Side Effects

“TikTok is like if and Vine had a baby, and the baby was into Cosplay and doing Fortnite dances. It’s evolved from just lip-synching to having its own culture of memes, trends, and stars” Social media has become an important need of these times, we may survive for days without eating or drinking but […]

GTA – Grand theft auto – Guide to Anger

The game has been designed as a mind training game, Most of you are aware of the world renown game called ‘Grand Theft Auto’. It’s an action-adventure video game. In America anyone who steals an automobile is called a grand auto thief, giving the developers the inspiration of the name for this game. This game […]

PICS Annual report 2017

Here comes the long awaited PICS Annual report 2017, Audited by ZAQ Accountings. In this annual report you can see a summary of PICS’s accounts for the fiscal year. Every year, PICS leaves an annual report to the Tax Office as it is a registered organization. Here you can also read what we have done […]

Major problems of Agricultural sector of Pakistan

Agricultural sector is the backbone of our economy. But the growth of agriculture in Pakistan is facing a lot of problems. Due to various causes, per acre yield is very low in Pakistan as compare to other developed countries. Problems of agricultural sector are categorized as below: 1)      Limited Cultivable Area The total area of […]