Boss Menn – online portal for Pakistani Singers

Pakistan is a country with enormous culture and tradition and this has been no less when it comes to Music, Also being a diversified country, Pakistan has adopted various Styles and concepts in Music. Ahsan Parvaiz together with Nouman Javaid and Ali pervez created a generous channel called Boss Menn, which is a platform to […]


In the present digital world, its simple to get popularity through social media. We normally explore and browse lots and lots videos and picture which end up as a viral sensatation on that period however we don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct and genuine data of that particular viral stories. As in Europe […]

Your appreciation gives us a badge of verification!

Really glad to announce that PICS has turned into the first Pakistani Association in Sweden which has the grey badge from Facebook. Indeed, PICS Facebook page is “verified” now by Facebook! If you are not aware of this badge, you must know that due to fake and lots of accounts in Facebook, push them to […]