PICS Statutes

§ 1 Association name and place of residence

The association’s name is: PICS Pakistan Information & Cultural Society.
The location of the association is the municipality of Stockholm.
The association is party politically unobtrusive.

§ The purpose of the association

§ 3 Membership

Anyone who wishes to promote the purpose of the association and agree the association’s statutes can join the association as a regular member.

Members are divided into 3 categories

  1. Video & Photography for 2 of your programs per year.
  2. The event should be non-politically and non-religious.
  3. No Charity programs and those programs that oppose our terms.
  4. We reserve the right to all media content such as video and photography.
  5. Sound system, social marketing, teaser, poster, brochure design etc. in reduced prices.

Members can be excluded from the association if the association’s purpose is opposed or a member is acting contrary to the statutes of the association. The Board decides on exclusion and the decision shall be taken by a qualified majority.

Under the new GDPR rules, a current documentation of membership is stored on PICS website in membership register.

Used to keep you updated as a member.

Rights and privileges as well as obligations and responsibilities of the members are equal, independent of their social status and or financial position.

§ 4 Membership Fees

§ 5 The Board and its duties

The board is responsible for the association’s membership list, grant applications, membership fees, decisions taken at annual meetings and other activities. The association’s board consists of 1 chairman and 1 secretary and 1 treasurer. If necessary, additional members can be selected. The board is determined by 3 of members present. Decisions are taken by simple majority. The same person may not have multiple titles in the board. The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting and takes effect immediately after the election. All members of the association are eligible to vote.

§ 6 Fiscal Year

The association’s accounting period is a calendar year.
The financial statements together with the necessary documents and the Board’s annual report shall be submitted to the accountant / auditor no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.

§ 7 Accountant

The accountant shall submit written statements to the Board not later than five working days before the Annual General Meeting.

§ 8 Annual Meeting – AGM

An annual general meeting is a mandatory annual assembly of a decision-making body of the association. It will be held no later than March. Invitation will be issued at least 8 days before the meeting.

  1. Selection of Election commissioner and secretary for the election.
  2. Determination of the voting and length of the meeting.
  3. Selection of Protocol Adjusters and vote Counterair.
  4. Ask if the meeting has been announced correctly.
  5. Determination of agenda.
  1. Accountant report for the fiscal year.
  2. AGM discharged the Board from liability for the period audited.
  3. Determination of membership fees.
  4. Determining of possible plan and budget management for the coming fiscal year.
  5. Election of President of the association for a period of 3 years
  6. Election of General Secretary, Treasurer and other board members for a period of 2 years.
  7. Proposals / suggestion / amendments to be considered at the AGM, must be received in time.

Decisions on matters of major economic importance to the association or its members may not be taken if this has not been included in the AGM agenda.

 § 9 Extra Annual Meetings

Extra annual meeting is held when the board or accountant find it necessary or at least 1/10 Members of the association require this by written request to the Board. The request shall state the case (s) that members want the meeting to process. At extra annual meeting get only the matters mentioned in the notice are processed.

§ 10 Voting Rights

At the annual meeting each member has one vote. Voting rights are non-transferable and personal. The members are entitled to vote after 7 months of membership, when the annual fee is paid. The members are entitled to nominate himself to any post within PICS after 2 years active membership and 70% present at different meetings and the member should have led a separate project in cooperation with the association.

§ 11 Decision, Voting and Quorum

§ 12 Rules for amendments in Statutes

Amendment in current statutes require decisions of the AGM at least 2/3 number of votes.
Proposals for amendments to the statutes of association may be given by the member and the board.

§ 13 Egress

A member who wishes to leave the association must report this to the Board in writing and be considered therefore immediately left the association.

§ 14 Exclusion

A member may not be excluded from the association for any reason other than neglected to pay decided member fees, opposed the association’s purpose, or obviously damage association reputation.
Exclusion may not be settled until a member had some of the circumstances that led to the membership into question. Decisions of exclusion cannot be taken until the member has been given an opportunity to express themselves within certain time limits of the Association Board, at least 10 days.
In the decision, the grounds for exclusion shall be reported. The decision shall be addressed to the person concerned within 10 days of the decision.

§ 15 Dissolution of the association

For dissolution of the association, decisions of the AGM are required by at least 2/3 votes. If the association is dissolved, the association’s assets shall be surrendered by charity to another needy association.
The decision to adopt the statutes is determined in the AGM.
– A copy of the AGM protocol containing dissolutions of the association decision shall thereafter sent to the tax office for deregistration of the association.

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