Crypto Warnings By Waqar Zaka

Crypto Warning by Waqar Zaka

The Internet is the most widely used communication network ever built. It is used by millions of people and machines every second every day. Good and bad things happen on the internet, and among the bad things are attempting to deceive innocent people out of their money or identities. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital […]

How to open a company, startup in Sweden | Business Cafe

How to open a company, startup in Sweden

How to open a company, startup in Sweden | Business Cafe | Urdu Qasid Sweden There are many common traits that successful entrepreneurs all share. We are in the middle of recording interviews, and we just have to share some of these things that we are discovering. We have been interviewing high-level-success entrepreneurs. These are […]

Pakistan origin Norwegian Artist Huma Sharif

In the special conversation with Urdu Qasid, Huma Sharif said that women are making progress in their own sectors and this is the proof if they are provided good opportunities, they can make great examples of innovations and successes.

Mashup video featuring Mehsam Saeed and Aishwarya is now released!

A unique Pakistani and Indian songs mashup video was filmed in Sweden and features talented Mehsam Saeed and Aishwarya. Umair Hamid, a Pakistani living in Jonkoping, Sweden recently released a video on his youtube channel. The video features a mashup of Indian and Pakistani songs recorded on one beat. Mehsam Saeed, a young Pakistani singer […]